Giving children the tools and understanding to make right choices in life, can lead them to lasting happiness.

Living Wisdom School

Preschool is a wonderful time filled with play, opportunities to develop physical skills, and experiences.

Our elementary teachers enrich their lessons with dance, songs, games, art, and experiences in nature. Our hope is to allow every moment of learning to also be a moment of joy.

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High school is a time for self-discovery and adventure, to expand our boundaries and explore who we are meant to become, through the challenging and strengthening of the will.

Expanding Light –Family Yoga Camp

Join our 5-day camp/retreat for families seeking an uplifting summer experience!

The school’s mission is to provide students with a balanced education of body, feeling, will, and intellect in preparation for meeting life’s diverse challenges.

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The Living Wisdom Experience

All our interactions with students are based on high principles and the understanding  that comes from direct experience.

COVID 19: Ananda Living Wisdom School follows COVID-19 guidelines from the California Department of Health