Elementary School

The Feeling Years

Cultivating imagination, exploration, and a love for learning while learning to work with the emotions.


In-Person Elementary & Enrichment Program

Living Wisdom Elementary School hass expanded its in-person schooling program to offer enrichment classes for homeschoolers.

  • For over five decades the Ananda Living Wisdom school has been at the forefront in
    developing practical ways of cultivating a broader approach to education. A key
    component is small class sizes which make it possible for teachers to gain an in-depth
    knowledge of each student.
  • The goal of Education for Life is summed up in the tagline “Where Learning and Joy
    Come Together.” Our basic approach is that learning happens much more efficiently
    when a school cultivates the broader needs of its students. We define these areas of
    development as the four “Tools of Maturity:” body, feelings, will, and intellect. When
    these needs are met, students experience an increased level of happiness that supports
    their natural interest in learning.
  • All enrichment classes take place on campus and they are taught by instructors who are knowledgeable and passionate about these subjects.
  • The enrichment program provides students with specialty classes in the fine arts, science, foreign language, and practical skills. This program is a daily part of our school’s curriculum and is also offered to children in the surrounding community who may be attending other schools or home school.

Developing Concentration

Cultivating Courage