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In-Person Elementary & Enrichment Program

Living Wisdom Elementary School hass expanded its in-person schooling program to offer enrichment classes for homeschoolers.

  • The enrichment program provides students with specialty classes in the fine arts, science, foreign language, and practical skills. This program is a daily part of our school’s curriculum and is also offered to children in the surrounding community who may be attending other schools or home school.
  • The enrichment program includes: classes in art, music, dance, drama, pottery and sculpture; a STEM and STEAM science program, a Spanish language course, outdoor expeditionary learning adventures, and various practical skills such as handicrafts, woodworking and carpentry. 
  • All enrichment classes take place on campus and they are taught by instructors who are knowledgeable and passionate about these subjects.
  • Enrichment classes take place during regular school hours.
  • Multi-aged groups may be divided into smaller sections to better address the needs, interests, and abilities of the kids. Children are invited to stay for recess and lunch after the morning class (*students bring their own lunch).

By offering these classes, we provide students with enhanced learning in specific areas and interaction with a variety of students and teachers.

Developing Concentration

Cultivating Courage

Offered in 6-Week Series of Classes Thougout the School Year

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