If indeed life has purpose and meaning, then its goal must be to educate us ever-more fully to that meaning.

Our School

Our unique programs are carefully designed to meet each individual’s need, to prepare students for life’s inner and outer challenges and to encourage a rich, lifelong journey of adventure and self-discovery. Students are encouraged and supported to pursue what interests them and kindle their own creative spark.

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Our School Mission

The school’s mission is to provide students with a balanced education of body, feeling, will, and intellect in preparation for meeting life’s diverse challenges.

Learner Outcomes

Self-Discovery: Students will gain increased levels of awareness about who they are, what they love & value, and how they can contribute to their community. (measured by the Progressive Development Chart)

Maturity: Students will expand their awareness to relate to the realities of other people with empathy, appreciation, and compassion.  

Balanced Development: Students will build life skills that balance the development of body, feelings, will, and intellect as a means of finding greater success and happiness. (measured by the Tools of Maturity Chart)

Personal Excellence: Students will learn to do their best in school work as a preparation for doing their best in meeting life’s challenges.