A Life-Transforming Opportunity for Teens

For Parents, Relatives and Friends of Teenagers

Dear Gurubhais,

Adolescence can be a very challenging period of life. Many of us experienced our share of “dire fears and colossal sufferings” (to quote the Bhagavad Gita) during these years, and some have spent decades recovering. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Twenty-four years ago we launched the Living Wisdom High School at Ananda Village based on the teachings of Master and Swamiji. Over the past four years, our program has expanded into an online international school that welcomes students from any part of the world. Our graduates this year live in Italy, India, and Iran.

As devotees, we treasure the experience of peace, contentment, and joy that come with progress on the spiritual path. Imagine the benefits of cultivating such qualities at the very outset of your formative years. If you know a teenager who could benefit from such an experience, help them connect with us. Our accredited high school diploma is recognized by universities around the world.

In Divine service,

Nayaswami Nitai

Director of the Living Wisdom Online High School

For more information visit our website: https://livingwisdom.org/online/ or contact us directly at info@livingwisdom.org

“If young people, before getting entangled in worldly life, experience the bliss of meditation, they are little likely to fall victim in later years to the ubiquitous sense delusions.” Paramhansa Yogananda