High School Application

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  • Education for Life Tools of Maturity (Section 1 of 4)

    Please rate your child in the following EFL Tools of Maturity on a scale of 1- 12 (1 = Undeveloped, 12 = Mastery). This section is on the body.
  • Chooses healthy, well-balanced meals
  • Wakes up with ease, cheerfully and enthusiastically
  • Gets plenty of physical activity
  • Keeps the spine erect in sitting, standing and moving
  • Has good personal grooming habits (bathing, brushing teeth), etc.
  • Dresses appropriately (neat, clean and modest)
  • Tools of Maturity (Section 2 of 4)

  • Practices listening, helping and sharing
  • Has a positive approach to life
  • Finds amusing and uplifting perspectives
  • Exhibits centeredness and calmness
  • Nurtures a healthy relationship with self
  • Able to calm the mind and feelings
  • Brings harmony and sincerity into relationships
  • Appreciates beauty in music, nature and others
  • Tools of Maturity (Section 3 of 4)

  • Speaks, thinks and acts with integrity
  • Chooses actions consciously and wisely
  • Willing to try new things
  • Brings projects to completion
  • Organizes schoolwork, room, etc.
  • Keeps a schedule and arrives on time
  • Faces challenges with determination and faith
  • Tools of Maturity (Section 4 of 4)

  • Ignores distractions and focuses attention
  • Is open to different ideas and experiences
  • Notices details
  • Is aware of inner realities
  • Remembers things and positive moments
  • Thinks logically
  • Is creative in daily activities