A Student and A Teacher

A Student’s Perspective

I am eighteen years old and live with my parents and 6 siblings in Afghanistan. Just two days are left to the start of the new year in Afghanistan. This is the time for schools to open, however, the same way as last year there is no news about the future of innocent girls. If I hadn’t found my school, I don’t know what I would have done. Depression would have consumed me. The first week of my classes was outstanding. Teachers are helping me a lot, and I am excited for my classes in the coming week. I am getting better and better at drawing and sketching. I drew a picture of a girl meditating. Thanks for helping me. Thanks for giving me peace of mind. I hope one day with my learning and achievement, I will try to bring a positive change to girls’ lives.


A Teacher’s Perspective

The Taliban’s loss is our gain!  N___ recently joined our Living Wisdom Online International High School and changed our classes with her enthusiasm, easy grasp of concepts and information, and positive attitude! N___ started in February, having missed a month of classes.  She wanted to make up the classes she missed, so on her own she completed past assignments for all of her classes!  But that wasn’t enough for N___.  She has always loved Astronomy so she actually looked at all the back classes and assignments and completed them – from September!  She did this, along with her regular classes in a matter of weeks!  That is motivation! N___’s goal is to be a doctor one day so that she can help others.  In partial exchange for her tuition, she helps some orphans who live near her to read and write in English and in Farsi. N has been so inspiring to me!  How fortunate we are to have her be part of our school!