Inner Adventure Camp


2018 Inner Adventure Camps! Dates will be announced shortly.

Join our week-long journey for fun and self-discovery. Experience the arts, music, yoga, meditation, philosophy, nature, sports and empowerment activities. Our dynamic instructors guide participants on challenging inner and outer adventures. You’ll develop inner strength, leadership skills, and make friends for life. We’ll help you discover what you can share with others.

*Important note: We do lots of swimming and we are now requiring participants to have basic swimming skills.

12-14 Packing List
15-17 Packing List
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Questions: call Irene at 530-478-7737.

Camp address:
Living Wisdom School summer camp
14618 Tyler Foote Road, Nevada City, CA 95959


“THIS WAS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE WITH MY LIFE. I really liked the way everyone bonded as a family really quickly, even the people who came not knowing anyone (that’s me).”
-H.W. age 14

“The food was great!!!!!!!!” -E.L. age 12

“I liked how it felt like a family and how much I laughed.” – K.R. age 15

“I liked meeting new friends and basically everything because it was just so incredible.”
– A.P. age 13

“I was very new to this, and I loved how people were bonding with each other so quickly. This camp is something that everyone should join.” -R.C. Age 13

“This camp was extremely fun! I made so many new friends and was able to bond with them over the week. The activities are very fun, and there is such a variety of them. From painting to soccer to yoga! It was an amazing experience, I am looking forward to next year!”
-S.C. age 14

Our Team

Kamran Matlock
alternative schools, spiritual education, california boarding schools, living wisdom school, education for life
Kamran is the director of the Ananda Living Wisdom Junior High and High School and will be the main leader of Inner Adventure Camp. He is an enthusiastic leader and a remarkable teacher. Kamran loves to lead students on life-changing adventures and has taken groups to India, Costa Rica, US National Parks, Mexico, Kauai, and Honk Kong.




Bryan McSweeney

alternative schools, spiritual education, california boarding schools, living wisdom school, education for life


Bryan specializes in film and photography and will be documenting this camp as well as teaching yoga, meditation, sports, adventures, and helping with night time activities and life at camp. Bryan has great ideas, lots of energy, great teaching abilities, and a gift for humor and having fun.




Marin LaMartina


Marin has been connected to the Living Wisdom School for many years now and is amazing with teens. She was one of the leaders at the first year of camp and we are looking forward to having her join us again this year. She is very centered, enthusiastic, organized, and overall, a wonderful presence at camp.




Vashti Marks-Thelen


Vashti is a teacher at the Living Wisdom Junior High and High School and specializes in the humanities subjects. She recently led a group of students to Hawaii and will be joining us for this year’s camp. She is very knowledgeable about the world and is a wonderful leader and joyful person.




Shanti Pollacek

living wisdom school, alumni living wisdom school


Shanti is a Living Wisdom School alumni and was the main initiator for Inner Adventure Camp: using inspiration from camps she had experienced and then combining various aspects to create a camp that focuses on self-discovery, adventure, deep friendships, and lots of fun.




Donation Rates
July 14-21 (Ages 12-14) $750
July 23-30 (Ages 15-17) $800
Living  Wisdom School Student Discount: (Ages 12-14 $600), (Ages 15-17 $700)
Sibling discount (contact us)

Summer Camp Inquiry

  • We would love to help you register or answer any questions. How can we help you?

For all campers, we ask for them to come ready to:

  • Participate in the experience with a spirit of willingness, helpfulness, and joyful cooperation.
  • Engage in respectful and compassionate speech and behavior with themselves, their peers, and the camp leaders.
  • Follow the guidance and direction of our camp leaders.
  • Be open to learning new skills and to learn meditation and yoga.
  • Enjoy the camp experience in a way that embraces simplicity: without the use of cell phones, Mp3 players, cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs.
Yoga Tie-Dye Wilderness Survival
Meditation Henna Ultimate Frisbee
Yoga Philosophy T-shirt Making Volleyball
Positive Psychology Dream Catchers Hiking
Chanting Vision Boards River Adventure
Dance Painting Sharing Nature
Drumming Art Books Natural Building
Music Creative Writing Rock Climbing