Service Adventure Trip to Hawaii by Kamala Roberts

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service trips high school, service learning high school claifornia, service learning hawaiiI have been a student at the Living Wisdom School since preschool. I am now in 9th grade and have had so many amazing experiences. One of my favorites was last year during our service adventure trip to Hawaii.

After a day of traveling, we ended up in a surprisingly beautiful airport nestled in volcanic rock. It was shimmering in the afternoon heat, and there were straw roofs perched over gift shops with cheerful, tanned people as the customers.

My friends and I bought gorgeous lei’s of purple and yellow flowers. After we left the airport, we drove to a beach to stretch our stiff legs. It was the first time I had been to Hawaii and the image of that beach is still fresh in my mind: sand that looked like powdered sugar melting into an ocean of what could have been liquid crystal. It was a perfect day and brightly colored birds were everywhere you looked.

We arrived at Polestar, the group house and community we would be doing our service at. There were huge gardens with ripe fruit hanging off the lush trees and flowers of every color on trees and plants. People were playing volleyball and we joined them, ready for a laid-back evening before our work began in the morning.

Everyone helped out wherever help was needed. Some went to the gardens to plant, weed and harvest, others went to the kitchen to prepare amazing food, and still others worked on building the community center. Every day we would work until noon and on some days we would go to the Pahoa market where people had small booths selling fruits, jewelry, and clothing.

Every morning, we would have a Sadhana which consisted of yoga, meditation and chanting. The Sadhana began at five forty-five in the morning and ended at about seven when we would head off for breakfast. It was hard waking up so early sometimes, but we all grew to like and welcome the gentle stretching and preparation for the day.

We also happened to be there during the Shivaratri, which is when we honor Ganesha, Divine Mother, Shiva and the Gurus. We sang and drank chai to keep us awake. There were special ceremonies and rituals that some people did until midnight, though I left before then.

I could go on for hours about this life changing adventure but I don’t want to bore anyone. This trip was full of beauty and amazing people (and surfing), and since it was the first time I had been to Hawaii it was a new experience. It was a great time to bond with my friends, though sometimes we had to work through various conflicts. I would never have gotten to have this experience if it weren’t for the Living Wisdom School. This school is like a home to me and is full of amazing people, and I hope to have a million more great adventures here.