Preschool Teachers



alternative schools, spiritual education, california boarding schools, living wisdom school, education for lifeHassi Bazan:

I have been teaching preschool at the Living Wisdom School since 2003. In my classroom, the curriculum in Education for Life is offered to our students to foster learning from life and for life, with attention to fostering the development of every facet of the child’s physical, social, mental and spiritual parts. Opportunities for growth are provided daily in such areas as creative expression through the arts, positive social skills, physical development, reverence and appreciation for all of life and foundation skills that will lead to academic skills in the future.

Besides learning “quiet bodies”, we practice spiritual activities as listening to uplifting stories, singing uplifting songs, spending time in nature, walking, gardening, looking for nature’s beauty everywhere, learning respect, reverence and appreciation for the earth, plants, animals, rocks, water and all forms of life. Click Here to read my blog.