Narani Moorhouse

Narani Moorhouse:

living wisdom school, education for lifeAfter receiving a BA degree in Liberal Studies and a California Teaching Credential, I was blessed to begin teaching in our school 35 years ago.  For these many years it has been my absolute joy to be able to teach in a school where each and every student is valued as a unique individual with special gifts waiting to be developed.  With our small class sizes and the closeness with which we work with our students, my students feel like my own children and the parents are truly my friends.  It is also thrilling to work with other teachers that have a shared passion for what we are all trying to bring forth in education, so that our current students, and those in the years to come, will be able to realize their highest potential in every area of their lives.

Along with being a classroom teacher, I am also the director of our pre-school and the coordinator for our tutoring program.