“I remember paying close attention to the conduct of the teachers. They were living examples of the themes of the living wisdom education. They were living the principles they were teaching which made me respect them immensely. I also learned about the value of community. I learned about the joy of serving others.” IZ (alumni)

“So many to choose from, but the most important was that being there for someone that has less than you, and learning the joy of giving without expecting anything in return. Learning to appreciate what I do have, and volunteer and help those who don’t. My experience at the service club going to Mexico was life changing and life fulfilling.” MKl (alumni)

“…we went on a lot of trips and spent a lot of time outside which meant we were physically quite active which was great! and in the classroom the subjects were taught in very creative ways to integrate them more into everyday life and make them more interesting.”    NK (alumni)

“My son has been challenged in a good way. Now, his favorite subject is physics.”  (parent)

“We are so elated with our daughter’s beautiful transformation this year! So happy for her.” (parent)

“Our daughter came to Living Wisdom™ High School from Germany. Most important to us was that in the very sensitive time of adolescence, children learn to be more in contact with their inner selves and to look inside for answers to their questions. The teachers guide the students to help them to see their own difficulties as well as their strengths.”  (parent)