Junior & Senior High School


  • Adventure & travel
  • Service
  • Self-discovery and self-expression
  • Learning to strive for personal excellence and effectively applying oneself.

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Living Wisdom School supports the Will Years by engaging students in challenging and expansive activities. There is support from not only the trained and experienced staff, but also the students and surrounding community. Our high school students come from around the world to experience this once in a lifetime experience.

High school students have the option of living on campus, in home-like boarding facilities:

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        Student-Earned Tuition

In the Ananda Living Wisdom School, students from 7th-12th grade are taught how to make money and get a job.

jewel in the lotus, living wisdom school, nevada city, ananda village, education for lifeIn the local area, students can work at a thrift store, a bakery/grocery store, a jewelry store, they can clean, mow lawns, work at a goat dairy, train horses, do yard work, babysit, teach classes, sell products or anything else that they can come up with.

Students have taught classes including dance for elementary students and a Spanish class taught by a student from Chile.

They have also put on bake sales, car washes, sold crafts and even sold their own products in local stores.

Last summer, two students put on a summer camp for kids, which was a huge success and such a valuable experience for the students.

Learning how to make money and being professional and responsible are skills necessary for life. Most people have to figure these skills out later in life, but these students have five years of experience by the time they graduate high school. It really is education for life.

All the money made by these students goes directly to the annual service adventure trips. Past locations include India, Panama, Costa Rica, Canada, Hawaii, Peru, and across the US.

Service as an Integral Part of Education
living wisdom school, education for life, holistic education, ananda school, yoga schools california

Each week, the students spend 2-3 hours doing community service in the local area. Service teaches the students humility, the joy of giving, determination, selflessness, and an awareness of what is happening in the world.

The opportunities for service projects are endless, though in previous years students have volunteered at an animal shelter, an autistic preschool, the library, soup kitchens, elderly homes, natural building centers, cleaning parks, working on an organic farm, marketing, teaching yoga and so much more.

The teachers are so supportive of whatever the students have energy for, and if a student has an idea, the teachers do their best to help the student make the idea happen. Everything is possible.

        Life Skills & Career Class

The career class is for 10th and 11th graders and is such a great new addition to the school. So many high school graduates head straight to college without really knowing what they want to do in life and what careers they have an interest in, not to mention knowing who they are. Many students also graduate college  without a clear idea of what lies ahead.

At the Living Wisdom School, students are offered three hours per week to intern at the job of their choice. During the year, each student can try up to three internships and really discover what fits them.

The students this year are beginning their internships at a vet, a clinic, a holistic medicine center, a center for child disabilities, a programming center, and a writing internship.

Also, every week a speaker comes to the class to share their career and college journey. Often times, we will also visit a business too and get tours of what it’s like.

So far this year, the class has heard from a physicist, a programmer, an author, a publishing company, a marketer and a software engineer.

Later on in the year, each student learns how to  create resumes, fill out taxes, apply for financial aid, and apply or practice applying for colleges.

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