First – Sixth Grade

The Feeling Years (Ages 6-12)

“The emphasis throughout this second six-year phase of education should be on teaching through the feelings and the emotions, and particularly on developing the finer feelings. For it is during these years that the child can begin to direct his emotions constructively, instead of letting them rule him.”

-J. Donald Walters, founder of Education for Life

sci fun day (9)The Feeling Years of the Education for Life System help students:

  • Thrive in indoor and outdoor classrooms
  • Learn how to be free to follow their personal interests
  • Practice experiential hands-on activities
  • Learn universal human values, like kindness and cooperation
  • Develop trust, caring and a sense of purpose in life

The Feeling Years Curriculum includes:

  • Science to develop wonder and reverence for life
  • Language, art and theatre to develop clear communication, and imagination
  • Math, logic and grammar to practice orderliness and clear thinking
  • Physical education, meditation and yoga to practice calmness and concentration
  • History and geography to develop empathy and inspiration to make a difference
  • Cooperation to develop inner and outer harmony

Grades 1-6 (ages 6-12): Monday-Friday from 8:30am-2:30pm

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