Theatre, Videography, Photography


Theatre: Every year each of our classrooms offers a theatrical performance to the larger community. Family entertainment night plays range from 20 minutes to 2 hours. Often we will schedule two nights–one with the younger classes performing and the second with the sixth-twelfth grade classes. Students are encouraged to write, direct, help with costumes, props, lighting or special affects.

All are invited to come to the Living Wisdom Center and enjoy the evening or fun. Students take this opportunity to share the results of hard work an teamwork. Previous high school performances include: Lord of the Rings, Peter Pan, Joan of Arc, Avatar: the Last Airbender, The Sound of Music, Mulan, Lady Guadalupe, and much more. living wisdom school, education for life

Videography: This class is taught by Bryan McSweeney. Bryan has a great sense of humor which makes his classes very engaging, inspiring and beneficial. The projects include artistic student pieces and movies about the school.

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Photography: The photography program is run by Blaine Michioka who is a very accomplished photographer from Hawaii. He teaches the kids how to use a camera, how to work with lighting and exposure, how to take great photos, the basics in photoshop and making the year wisdom school, education for life