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Articles by teachers and staff on being an educator for higher consciousness and practicing in a school based on Education for Life principles.

Our Schools in Europe

This video shows how when you combine dedicated teachers, parents and administrators and sprinkle with love and patience you get Education for Life in Europe!

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Flow Learning Stage 4: Sharing Inspiration

Flow Learning, Stage 4: Sharing Inspiration By Balarama Betts, LWS Teacher This article is the last in a 4-part series on Flow Learning. These 4 stages describe the intuitive process of learning found in the current age of energy. Stage 1) Awakening Enthusiasm, Stage 2) Focus Attention, Stage 3) Direct Experience, and Stage 4) Sharing Inspiration.  The meadow was golden when we […]

“Feeling Years” Direct Experience with Flow Learning in Nature

Taking our whole curriculum outside the classroom is one of my greatest pleasures in teaching at Ananda Living Wisdom School. Poetry, creative writing, and art projects come alive when they are experienced in the heart of nature. In take classroom mathematics and apply it in the field to calculating the height of trees or cliffs; […]

Flow Learning Stage 1: Focusing Attention

Flow Learning  (TM – Sharing Nature) is composed of four different aspects that lead, or “flow” into one another: awakening enthusiasm, focusing attention, direct experience, and sharing inspiration. In the first newsletter I gave examples of how Living Wisdom teachers help awaken enthusiasm in students through experiences in nature. With this edition we’ll “flow into” […]

Dressing Up Living Wisdom School – Interview with Maghi Weber

In this edition of the newsletter our “friend” is Maghi Weber. Maghi has been behind the scenes for many years as our magical costume lady for Family Entertainment Night. Maghi and her husband, Vasanta, first moved to Ananda in 1985 from Southern California; Maghi had been a preschool and Kindergarten teacher for several years before […]