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Students talk about their experiences at Living Wisdom School.

A Personal Experience in Mexico

  An-Out-Of-The-Box Experience By Shanti Pollacek, Grade 10 A school that takes two weeks out of the year to go traveling is extremely rare and many people don’t understand the incredible learning experiences that happen during these trips. The service adventure trips offer education from experience rather than from a teacher or a textbook. Here […]

Service Adventure Trip to Hawaii by Kamala Roberts

  I have been a student at the Living Wisdom School since preschool. I am now in 9th grade and have had so many amazing experiences. One of my favorites was last year during our service adventure trip to Hawaii. After a day of traveling, we ended up in a surprisingly beautiful airport nestled in […]

Ananda Living Wisdom School is Different

  Ananda Living Wisdom school is different from most schools in many ways. From coming here I’ve received a very different school experience from what I’ve had before. The teacher’s genuinely care about the students which encourages them to stay motivated. Inspiration and motivation are rarely found in most schools but here it’s in abundance. Before […]

Outdoor Education and Inner Growth

An Interview with Alumni Stephanie Sexton By Durga Smallen Two summers ago in 2008/2009 – I was a “climbing bum,” climbing all over Yosemite, Tahoe and the Mammoth area. Towards the end of the summer I was on my way back from a trip when I had an epiphany that I needed to work in […]

A Year on the Ice

  Of the multitude of experiences in nature throughout my entire life, my year living in Antarctica was the most impactful on many levels and by far the most extreme. The highest, driest, coldest, most remote continent on the planet offered me an unparalleled experience of the raw power and pure pristine beauty of nature.  […]

How Living Wisdom School Increased My Will Power

This article refers to the Energization Exercises of Paramhansa Yogananda. These exercises involve isolating, tensing and relaxing the muscles of the body. I remember our teacher telling us ‘Now, as you’re doing this exercise, tense as hard as you can’. So I did. There was no voice in my head that said, ‘you might hurt yourself if […]

Victories That Last a Lifetime

An Interview with alumni (2005) Taruna (Tobin) Wu When did you attend Ananda Living Wisdom School? I started as a boarding student at Living Wisdom School at Ananda Village in 2000 as an 8th grader when I was 13 years old, and went to school there every year until I graduated High School in 2005. […]

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An Interview with Alumni Stephanie Sexton

Stephanie graduated from Ananda Living Wisdom School in 8th grade in 2000, before the school continued on through 12th grade. She graduated from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR in ’08 with her degree in Religious Studies. She also graduated from the highly acclaimed Ananda Yoga Teacher Training program in 2008. Stephanie, could you […]

Transformation in the Wilderness by Kai

My early memories of the Ananda LWS include outdoor pursuits that were many and varied. From exploring rivers and caves, to canoe trips and making fires in the rain with Tim Tschantz and summer days at Pubble Pond, Bridgeport or Mushroom Hole, the foothills gave us the opportunity to be outside in so many ways. […]