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Holistic education system called Education for Life. See it applied to the Ananda Living Wisdom School experience.

Reaching Beyond Tradition

The purpose of this article is to look at this practice from the perspective of the Education for Life philosophy that guides our Living Wisdom Schools. One of the most popular current innovations in secondary education goes under the heading of Advanced Placement. In this practice high school students take college level courses, either through their own […]

Willpower, Vitality, Maturity, and Integrity

Will power and teenagers – it seems an obvious match when you stop to think about it, but unfortunately it’s usually viewed as a generational power struggle. In an Education for Life School this juxtaposition is seen in a very different way. As the third of four elements in the Tools of Maturity progression (along […]

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The Second Stage of Maturity: The Feeling Years

The second stage of growth in Education for Life covers the ages from 6-12, the “Feeling” or elementary years. Here we find a very special window of opportunity when children are most able to learn about and through their feelings. While children under six lack the ability to step back and examine feelings, older students […]

Appreciating the Treasures of Childhood & Preparing for Adulthood

If we were preparing for an important job interview, we would take the time to develop the best possible presentation. In preparing out children for puberty, we need to be no less thorough. As parents and teachers we need to provide our children with the best guidance we can give so that they are well-prepared […]

“Feeling Years” Direct Experience with Flow Learning in Nature

Taking our whole curriculum outside the classroom is one of my greatest pleasures in teaching at Ananda Living Wisdom School. Poetry, creative writing, and art projects come alive when they are experienced in the heart of nature. In take classroom mathematics and apply it in the field to calculating the height of trees or cliffs; […]

Interview with Brian “Bajrang” Powers

A School could have no better friend than Brian (Bajrang) Powers. Interviewing him for this section was, for me, extremely uplifting. His enthusiasm and ability to incorporate the Education for Life principles into his projects, classes, and adventures with students is endlessly inspiring. Brian’s journey with our children began in 1991, coaching the girls’ softball […]