Carianne James

living wisdom school, education for lifeSelf-empowerment through creativity. Helping others access strength & courage of the divine feminine within. Uplifting art to share light with the world.

Carianne James is an artist, and has been teaching kids and teens creativity classes for the past 13 years. She also leads “Awakening Your Creativity” workshops to adults throughout the year.

Rediscover your joyful aliveness through creative painting. Carianne facilitates adult classes, teens and kids classes through playful painting, collage and drawing exercises which will awaken your creative spirit. She offers ongoing workshops which can also be arranged for specific groups. She also gives classes to school teachers on how to help children awaken more deeply to their creativity.

Carianne has been teaching art to the Living Wisdom School students for about 13 years to elementary and high school students. Her teaching style empowers the students to find their own expression for creativity. Every year, each student receives an art journal, which they add to throughout the year during class and for homework. By the end of the year, they have this incredible book full of their own art that highlights their growth and life during the year. These journals include collage, sketches, paintings, tissue paper, colored pencil, crayon, chalk, oil pastel, writing, poetry, inspiration and mud more. Carianne’s classes are a blast for her students and bring to life this powerful creative force inside each person.