Blaine Michioka

Aloha, I have always had an attraction to art. Watercoloring was my 1st discovery of expression. I love to blend colors and see them merge in a painting. Wanting to have a better perspective in my paintings, I started to take photos with a 110 instamatic to be able to refer to the scene without being there. I was a little disappointed at first when everyone expressed how much they loved my photos and had no comments on my painting. Well as you can see I got the message eventually. 

Although it isn’t evident, I do come from a line of photographers. My grandfather, who was an engineer, was an avid photographer. My memories of him are seeing him with his camera and movie camera at family gatherings recording moments that we often viewed at the next family gathering. My father went to photography school. Being more concerned about taking care of his family, he chose a secure job at the post office and returned a few years back. His love of photography and my grandfather’s love is in my blood. I am the 1st professional photographer in my family.

In 1997 one of my dreams came true. I was privilege to have both of my parents, my wife, family as well as my friends from Hawaii present when I received my Masters Degree in Las Vegas at the P.P.A. Awards Banquet. It was definitely a goal accomplished and I felt great.

Merging creativity and technology to produce the most innovated and unique imagery is my current interest and intentions. It’s exciting to see where it will take me.

I teach what I have learned in my career to the Living Wisdom School students through photography, photoshop and the annual yearbook projects. We also make flyers, cards and personal photography books.


1999 – 2000
Fuji Digital Imaging Masterpiece Award

1998 – One Kodak Gallery Award
Second Place Illustrative
National Electronic Imaging Print Exhibition Merit

1997 – Received Master of Photography Degree
Awarded PPH Fellowship Award
Third Place Illustrative
Hawaii Photorama Print Competition
One National Loan Collection
One National General Exhibit Merit

1996 – Two Kodak Gallery Awards
One National Loan Collection
One National Merit Award
Best in Show
Hawaii Photorama Print Competition

1995 – One Kodak Gallery Award
One Fuji Masterpiece Award
Second and Third Place Portraits
Hawaii Photorama Print Competition
Third Place Illustrative
Hawaii Photorama
Three National Merit Awards

1994 – Portrait Photographer of the Year
State of Hawaii