Balarama Betts

living wisdom school, education for lifeI grew up in Washington State, climbing glacial covered volcanoes and hiking through beautiful temperate rain forests. In high school, I received a scholarship from the National Science Foundation to study geology and glaciology on the Juneau Ice Field in Alaska which led me to a BS of Geological Sciences from the University of Washington in Seattle. I enjoy organic gardening, raising bees, hiking  and cooking. My biggest feather in my cap, however, is four wonderful sons (age 15 to 30)  who received their core education at Ananda Living Wisdom School.  My goal is to awaken enthusiasm and cultivate a sense of adventure in each student,  whether in math, reading or science that will inspire them to see life as a continuous opportunity to grow and reach for their next challenge.
Currently,  I am the 5th- 6th grade classroom teacher and I also enjoy teaching the high school Biology and Chemistry. I am the boys’ dorm dad for high school boarding students.