Art: Awakening Creativity


living wisdom schoolLiving Wisdom School’s art program is run by the art director Carianne James. Her focus is to make each student develop a love for creativity and create a flow that matches each student. Her classes include a mix of technique and free art where the students are led by what inspires them.

Every week, the art students collect a minimum of 10 art inspirations to add to their folder (often times on their phones.) The inspirations come from all sorts of places including photography, real life, Facebook, Pinterest, Google, magazines, books, other art and so many more. When the students are constantly looking for what inspires  them and what they find beautiful, it creates an awareness around them that can never cease their creative flow and inspiration. It awakens enthusiasm and helps them find their own creative passion and style.

Art Journals

The students are given an art journal each year where they work on many of their projects, are free to do art whenever they want, and where they do their art homework. By the end of the year, each student has created this magical book full of their art, adventures, collages, writing, photography, and shows their transformation during the year.

Students who thought they were bad at art or had low self esteem in art, have transformed and many parents have commented that their child is now doing art during their free time and loves art class.

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Imitating a Famous Painting Project

This project works on technique and really studying how a famous artist created a painting. The students often changes a  detail or adds something to make it a little different.

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Andy Goldsworthy Project

Andy Goldsworthy is an artist that uses nature as his medium. He creates incredible sculptures and designs that capture incredible beauty. Every year, normally in the spring or fall, the students experiment with this type of art and create their own pieces of nature art.

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Sculptures include masks, hand molds, mobiles and anything 3D. This project adds a whole new dimension to the class.

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The Art Room

A place that holds no boundaries. Loosen up. Express yourself.

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