Ananda Living Wisdom School is Different

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Ananda Living Wisdom school is different from most schools in many ways. From coming here I’ve received a very different school experience from what I’ve had before.

The teacher’s genuinely care about the students which encourages them to stay motivated. Inspiration and motivation are rarely found in most schools but here it’s in abundance.

Before I came here I felt worried that I’d never get a job and have any experience but since I’ve gotten here I’ve worked two jobs. This is really crucial because with less jobs available you need job experience to get hired. It also proves to yourself that you can work hard and accomplish things.

All the money from working goes to the service adventure trip and I think that’s a great reward. Not only do you get to learn and explore new places but you also get to help other people.

Another great thing about the school is the way the teachers interact and relate to the students. They really know who they are and look at them as a person.

Having smaller class sizes also helps so that way there’s more individual attention and what you need help with, you’ll get help with. It also gives you a really great support system and people you can go to with your problems.

This school has changed many people for the better, myself included. I believe that since everyone here is working on themselves and willing to learn, it creates an environment where no one is brought down by someone else’s lack of enthusiasm.

holistic education california, california small class size school, nevada city ananda school, teachers who care, experiential learning school, experience based learningThe location is surrounded by nature and this is very helpful in creating a peaceful, healthy environment.

By Anna Brown, Ananda Living Wisdom School High School student, May 2014