• Our Students
    Welcoming students from all over the world and close to home
  • Our Families
    Pioneers for a new kind of education
  • Our Environment
    Safe and peaceful meditation community surrounded by nature
  • Our Philosophy
    Using the Education for Life system we work with energy to change consciousness
  • Yoga & Meditation
    Holistic non-sectarian spiritual practices

Where Joyful Learning Happens

Pioneers and Innovators in Alternative Education For Over 40 Years

The Ananda Living Wisdom School™ was founded in 1972 on the belief that students need inspiration and training for life – in addition to preparation for employment and intellectual pursuits. Our unique programs, based on the Education for Life Philosophy, are carefully designed to meet each individual’s need, to prepare students for life’s inner and outer challenges and to encourage a rich, lifelong journey of adventure and self-discovery.

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“If you could put what you are doing in the public schools,
it would change the world.”

School Superintendent at initial accreditation visit

“This school is the best kept secret in Northern California.”
WASC official at renewal visit

“Education for Life… is an exalted call for change, based on deep insight ino the potentials of every human being. It tells us how to nurture creativity, wisdom, and intuition in each child, and how to tap his unexplored capabilities.”
Jesse J. Casbon, PhD, Dean of Graduate School for Professional Studies at Lewis & Clark College (and former LWS High School Director)