• Our Students
    Welcoming students from all over the world and close to home
  • Our Families
    Pioneers for a new kind of education
  • Our Environment
    Safe and peaceful meditation community surrounded by nature
  • Our Philosophy
    Using the Education for Life system we work with energy to change consciousness
  • Yoga & Meditation
    Holistic non-sectarian spiritual practices

Where Joyful Learning Happens

education for life school, efl school, efl school nevada city, efl school ananda village, ananda living wisdom school efl“If you could put what you are doing in the public schools, it would change the world.”  -Visiting School Superintendent


School Environment
WASC Visiting Committee Report Excerpts for Ananda Living Wisdom School

One of the main reasons that students and parents choose Ananda Living Wisdom School is that it offers a unique school experience found nowhere else in this country and possibly the world. The school is free from violence, gangs, drugs, sexual promiscuity, bullying and graffiti.  Other worldly distractions such as TV, advertising, computer games, and media entertainment exist at a minimal level at the school.  This wholesome environment is due in part to the fact that the school is located in the Ananda Village, an intentional community, in which people from many countries, cultures, and walks of life model simple living, vegetarianism, compassion, and high ethical standards. The atmosphere is like that of a large family or a small community. Being situated inside the community’s grounds, the school is secluded from city life with its traffic and its noise. Although parts of the campus are open to the public, the administration office and community members keep track of visitors. The school provides an exceptional caring and safe environment for students and staff. Teachers demonstrate caring concern, respect, and high expectations for each student. Individual differences are respected and honored. The learning environment is student-centered with tools for maturity and successful living as a top goal.  The modeling of respect and lifelong learning by staff members makes this goal well understood for students.  Staff and student commitment to service and responsibility for the community and its members are reflected in student kindness, helpfulness and support of each other and other community members.

Living Wisdom School appears in the documentary-drama film, Finding Happiness.