• Our Students
    Welcoming students from all over the world and close to home
  • Our Families
    Pioneers for a new kind of education
  • Our Environment
    Safe and peaceful meditation community surrounded by nature
  • Our Philosophy
    Using the Education for Life system we work with energy to change consciousness
  • Yoga & Meditation
    Holistic non-sectarian spiritual practices

Where Joyful Learning Happens

education for life school, efl school, efl school nevada city, efl school ananda village, ananda living wisdom school efl“If you could put what you are doing in the public schools, it would change the world.”  -Visiting School Superintendent

Why Choose Ananda Living Wisdom School?

  •  We are located in the heart of nature.
  • We prep for life & college  (40th Anniversary Alumni Survey Results)
  • We consciously offer academics as a means to inspire the love on learning.
  • We keep our student teacher ratio to 12:1.
  • We offer a nurturing and supportive environment.
  • We welcome international students.
  • Our teachers are creative and offer genuine caring service to our students and parents

Living Wisdom School appears in the documentary-drama film, Finding Happiness.